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Subscribe to team and email notification

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Subscribe to team and email notification

Users can subscribe and unsubscribe to receive email notifications generated by feeds the team participates in.

About this task

Email notifications are generated whenever actions such as posting messages, replies, likes, polls, and @mentions are performed.

All notifications related to a top-level message, such as replies, mentions, and likes, are sent out with the same subject. The subject line defaults to Live Feed followed by the beginning of the subject line from the top-level message. For example, if the subject of the feed is IT Support, the email notification's subject will be Live Feed IT Support.


  1. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed.
  2. Click Teams and select the team name.
  3. Click the subscribe icon (Subscribe icon).
    You can click the unsubscribe icon (Unsubscribe 2) to stop receiving email notifications.