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Manage a membership request

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Manage a membership request

When a user requests membership to a private team, the team administrator receives an email.

About this task

If you are the team administrator, you can manage membership requests.


  1. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed.
  2. Click Teams and select the team name.
    If one or more users have been invited to the team, the Pending members tab shows the number of invitations sent.
    Figure 1. Pending members
    Pending members
  3. Click Pending members.

    This shows the users who have received invitations, but who have not yet accepted.

    Figure 2. Invited members
    Invited members
  4. You can cancel a user's invitation by clicking Remove.
  5. You can invite another user to the team by entering their name in the Add user field and clicking the Invite member (Add member button) button.