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Create a group feed

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Create a group feed

Group feeds are created by users so that members with similar interests can find that information in one place. Individual users or teams can join group feeds.

  1. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed.
  2. Click Group Feeds and click All Feeds.
  3. Click Create Group Feed.
    Figure 1. Create group feed
    Create group feed
  4. Enter the feed name and description. These will appear in the list of group feeds.
  5. Indicate how members can join the feed:
    • Public Feed: Select this to allow anyone to view and join the group feed.
    • Private Feed: Select this to restrict membership to only members invited by the administrator.

      When Private Feed is selected, the Show this feed for anyone to find and request to join check box is displayed. If it is selected, any user can search for this group feed and join it. If the check box is not selected, only users who are invited can see the feed and join the group feed.

  6. Click Create.