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Attach a file to a post or reply

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Attach a file to a post or reply

You can attach files to a post by dragging a file into a post or pasting an image from the clipboard.

About this task

Use the paperclip icon (Attachment icon) to drag files into a post. Additionally, you can paste images into a post or reply from the clipboard.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • While composing a post or reply (see Reply to a Message), locate one or more images or other supported types of files, and drag them into the message box.

    • Click the paperclip icon (Attachment icon) in the message box, navigate to the location of the files you want to attach, select them, and click Open.

  2. To add more files, drag-and-drop additional files into the text box below the displayed files or images, or click the plus sign.
    Figure 1. Attaching files
    Attaching files
  3. If you want to delete an attachment before posting the message, click the trashcan icon adjacent to the attachment.
  4. Enter a comment to share your thoughts about the image.
    Note: The Post button is enabled only after you add the comment.
  5. Click Post or Reply.
  6. If you added files that do not contain previews and then posted the message, they will be listed in the message box with a Download link.
  7. Click the link to download the files.