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Add a poll to a message

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Add a poll to a message

When you are posting a message, you have the option of creating a poll in order to record your viewers' opinions. As users take the poll, their feedback statistics are displayed within the feed.

  1. Open the feed where you want to create a message with a poll.
  2. Enter the message with an invitation to take the poll in the Share your thoughts box.
  3. Click the poll (Poll icon) icon.
    Figure 1. Poll
  4. In the Question field, enter the question on which you are soliciting opinions.
  5. In the Option fields, enter possible responses to the query.
  6. To add more response options, click Add more options.
  7. Click Post.
    After the poll is posted, users who view the message can vote. After they vote, their pictures appear next to their response, with others who have voted for the same option.
    Note: Only the poll creator can view results without casting a vote. Other members can see results only after casting a vote or if the poll is closed.
    Figure 2. Close poll
    Close poll

    An email notification with the poll result is sent to all participants of the poll informing them that the poll is closed.