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Add mentions to a message

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Add mentions to a message

An @mention is any posted update that contains @username anywhere in the body of the message.

About this task

The user's name, with a link to that user's feed, is inserted into the message. Additionally, the mentioned user receives an email notification about the mention. This is a great way of bringing attention to other members in a conversation. All @mentions are included in the logged-in user's My Feed.

Note: If an @mention is used by a member of a team, only members of that team appear in the auto-suggest list.


  1. While entering a message or reply in a conversation, type @username anywhere in the message. As you type, an auto-suggest list appears with names and pictures of users that match your entries. For example, if you type @t, the auto-suggest list shows the pictures and names of all users with names that start with T.
    Auto suggest
  2. Click the user you want to add.
    That user's name is inserted into the @mention in the body of the message.
    Auto suggest completed
    Note: My Feed displays @mentions of you and the teams you are a member of. Profile feeds for another user display only @mentions of that user.