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Create record feeds

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Create record feeds

When a user views a record on a table that has live feed enabled, such as the Incident [incident] table, the user can click the Show live feed button at the top of the form to automatically create a record feed.

When a user who has write access to a record's work_notes journal field clicks the Show live feed button, that user becomes the record feed administrator. If, for example, a customer calls technical support to report an incident and the customer clicks Show live feed on a record, a record feed is created, but the customer is not the record feed administrator. When a support representative later opens the incident and participates in the record feed, the user becomes the feed administrator.

Record feeds are, by default, private unlisted. That is, only invited members can see the name of the record feed in the list of feeds, and join it. Record feed administrators, however, have the ability to change the access level at any time. This can be helpful if, for example, a user is working on a sales opportunity and wants customers to be able to participate in a record feed without granting them access to the records.