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Convert a business service to an application service

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Convert a business service to an application service

Unify the way you manage services in your organization by converting manually created records in the Business Service [cmdb_ci_service] table into application services. Using application services lets you view maps and change history for services. If Event Management is deployed, you can monitor service performance and identify health issues for application services.

Before you begin

Role required: app_service_admin

About this task

During conversion:
  • The service record is moved from the Business Service [cmdb_ci_service] table into the Application Service [cmdb_ci_service_discovered] table by changing the record class.
  • The application service is set with all the original business service attributes such as name, owner, and operational status.
  • The system adds related items from the business service to the converted application service, up to the specified level.
  • All connections created between CIs in an application service are of the Depends on::Used by relationship type. You can modify this default relationship type by changing the value of the sa.it_service.manual_ci_rel_type property.

  • The system queries the CMDB for the latest CI changes.
  • Event Management, if activated, applies CI impact rules to CIs that are associated with alerts and that are part of the application service. Event Management deploys CI impact rules for alert monitoring.
A conversion might involve adding CIs of the following CI types, which cannot be added to an application service:
  • cmdb_ci_endpoint
  • cmdb_ci_translation_rule
  • cmdb_ci_config_file
  • cmdb_ci_qualifier
  • cmdb_ci_application_cluster
If the original business service contains related items belonging to these CI types, then the system does not add such CIs or connections coming from them. If necessary, you can prevent CIs of other CI types from being added to application services by modifying the sa.mapping.user.manual.citype.blacklist property.

In environments with domain separation, only CIs belonging to the same domain as the application service are added to the application service. If there is a domain hierarchy, CIs must belong to the same child domain as the application service.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Business Services.
  2. Select the business service that you want to convert to an application service.
  3. Click Convert to Application Service.
  4. Select a number from the Up to list, as the number of levels of related CIs to include in the conversion.
    The maximal number of levels is eight.
  5. Click OK.


The system adds the CIs from the business service to the converted application service.