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Extend a software lease

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Extend a software lease

Users of software deployed by Client Software Distribution (CSD) can request the extension of a lease window, if the software is revocable by a software distribution system.

Before you begin

Role required: Any system user

About this task

If your software has a lease end date defined, and the software status is Installed, you can request an extension of the lease, pending any approvals your organization requires.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > My Requested Software.
    The list shows only the software you have requested from the service catalog.
  2. Select the record for the installed software whose lease you want to extend.
  3. Under Related Links click Extend Lease.
    Figure 1. Requested Software form
    Requested Software form
  4. In the dialog box that appears, select a new lease end date in the calendar and click OK.
    You must select a date later than the current date.
    New Lease End Date Time dialog

    If the lease extension is subject to manager approval, you are notified of the decision. If the request is approved, a notification shows the new lease end date. If the new end date is within 5 days (the default notification period) of the date when you made the request, CSD sends an immediate end-of-lease notification.

    Important: If lease extensions in your organization require approval, make sure the approver is available and has enough time to process your extension request. If the extension cannot be approved before the original end date expires, the software is revoked.