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Probes used by Orchestration

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Probes used by Orchestration

Certain probes, controlled by MID Servers, perform Orchestration tasks on remote computers, such as restarting a server or creating virtual machines from templates.

How Orchestration probes work

When a Workflow executes an Orchestration activity, that activity launches a probe, which writes an output record to the ECC Queue. The MID Server selected for the activity checks the ECC Queue for assignments, and then executes the appropriate probe to do the work on the target machine. The information about the activity (machine restarted, files copied, etc.) that is returned from the target machine by the probe is written to the ECC Queue as an input record. This information is then sent from the ECC Queue to a sensor that is built into the Workflow activity. The Workflow is updated, and the next activity is executed.
Note: The probe parameters are set by the activities that launch the probe.
Figure 1. How Orchestration uses probes
How Orchestration uses probes

Probe List

The base system includes the following Orchestration probes (Orchestration > Definition > Probes).
Table 1. Probe List
Probe Name ECC Queue Topic ECC Queue Name Description
Command Command A probe that runs a local command on the MID server.
DNS Name Resolver DNSNameResolver A probe that resolves a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) into an IP address.
SCPCommand SCPCommand A probe that copies files securely from one machine to another. The copy function is performed using the MID Server as a tunnel.
Shazzam Shazzam A probe that identifies active devices.
SNMPProbe SNMP SNMP Query This is a generic SNMP probe.
SOAPProbe SOAPProbe A probe that sends a SOAP request to target machine.
SSHCommand SSHCommand A probe that executes shell scripts from a command line after logging in to a target machine via SSH.
SSHCommandLong SSHCommandLong A probe that executes long running shell scripts from a command line after logging in to a target machine via SSH.
VMWare VMWareProbe A generic VMware probe that executes the MID Server script include in the ECC queue name that is set by a VMware Orchestration activity. This probe can run any MID Server script include.
Windows - PowerShell PowerShell Windows - PowerShell A probe that runs a Windows PowerShell script on the MID Server. The PowerShell script is provided as the value of a parameter with name ending in .ps1. Two variables are available to the script:
  • $computer: The computer pointed to as the source for this probe
  • $cred: A PowerShell credential, using a user name and password from the Credentials table, that logs into $computer successfully.