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Orchestration ROI

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Orchestration ROI

The Orchestration ROI application allows you to estimate and compute cost savings for tasks in your system that could be automated with Orchestration.

After you automate the tasks, you can track cost savings by associating Orchestration workflows with corresponding task areas. Configuration in the application allows you to select the hourly rate for performing the task manually, the rules the system uses to select tasks for evaluation, and the time period of the evaluation. Orchestration ROI estimates your savings by multiplying the cost of performing repetitive tasks manually by the estimated number of times the system performs those tasks automatically during a specific date/time range. The system also calculates the actual savings of your automations. Orchestration ROI is included with the base Orchestration subscription.

Orchestration ROI reports offer a number of views of the comparative data and allow you to access the associated records directly from the reports. The standard reports included with the Orchestration - ROI plugin provide summaries, estimated costs, and calculated costs for automated processes. The ROI premium dashboard uses Performance Analytics to provide detailed reports on calculated savings over time. Performance Analytics requires a different plugin and subscription.

Note: When Orchestration ROI is activated as a dependent plugin of Orchestration, demo data is not installed. If you want to use demo data as a template for your own ROI evaluation, submit a request to ServiceNow® technical support for an Orchestration ROI plugin upgrade with demo data selected.

To set up Orchestration ROI, complete the configuration tasks in the order shown here.