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Tables installed with Notify

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Tables installed with Notify

Notify adds the following tables.

Table 1. Tables
Table Description
Notify Conference Calls


A list of conference calls started using Notify
Notify Calls


A list of calls started using Notify
Notify Call Queue


A list of calls that are in queue
Notify Call Status


List of possible statuses of calls, such as; initiated, ringing, etc.
Notify Client Connected Sessions


List of the connected sessions
Notify Conference Call Participants


List of the participants in a conference call
Notify Conference Call Participant Sessions


List of the associations of a call record and Notify participant record
Notify Messages


List of messages sent from/to Notify
Notify Phone Numbers


List of phone numbers used by Notify to make calls and send messages
Notify Phone Number Groups


List of phone number groups used by Notify to make calls and send messages
Notify Languages


List of the languages that Notify supports when using text-to-speech workflow activities.
Notify Recordings


List of conference call recordings
Notify Workflow Activity


List of Notify workflow activities
Notify Audio MIME Types


List of audio file formats
Temporary Serialized Notify Action Cache


List of serialized Notify actions waiting to be processed
Notify SMS Template


Contains the templates which are used while sending a Notify SMS.
Figure 1. Notify call sequence