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MID Server active issues

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MID Server active issues

The ServiceNow® instance has a dedicated table that publishes active issues with MID Servers and alerts administrators when a MID Server is in danger of exceeding its resources.

The MID Server Issue [ecc_agent_issue] table displays a number of common issues that a MID Server can experience, as they occur. Error checking processes attempt to pinpoint the most likely cause of the issue. Informative error messages name the affected MID Server and explain the possible cause of the issue. The ecc_agent_issue table retains its records for 30 days.

To access records in this table, navigate to MID Server > Server Issues.

Supported MID Server active issues:
  • Bad user credentials after instance cloning.
  • Unsupported Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on the MID Server host.
  • Approaching resource thresholds for CPU usage and JVM memory.
  • Errors detected during pre-upgrade testing.
  • User authentication and authorization failures.
  • Network connectivity interruptions and role configuration errors.
Figure 1. Example MID Server Issue record
Example MID Server Issue record