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Import content from an external knowledge source

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Import content from an external knowledge source

Run an import job manually or set up a schedule to process the integrated external content.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or knowledge_admin

About this task

Each external source is associated with two handlers: the Acquire handler and the Process handler, for running the import job. The acquire handler uses a WebDAV client to acquire external content to create articles. You can customize the process handler to assign categories to articles or populate additional metadata for the knowledge articles.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Administration > External Knowledge Sources.
  2. Select the external knowledge source from which you would like to import content.
  3. In the Handler tab, set a schedule to run the acquire and process handlers.
  4. In the Related Links section, click Run Scheduled Job.
  5. To view all jobs scheduled to run to import content for the external source, click the Jobs.
    You can open the most recent job to monitor the status.