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Retire a versioned article

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Retire a versioned article

You can retire the latest published version of a knowledge article. Retiring a knowledge article does not create a new version. It simply marks the article as Retired.

About this task

This action is available only when there is no checked out version. If a version has been checked out, the Retire button does not appear on the Knowledge form header.
Note: For the Knowledge - Approval Retire workflow, this happens only when the retire request is approved.
In addition to the knowledge administrator and the knowledge manager, the following users can retire a versioned article:
  • knowledge owner
  • latest publisher of the versioned knowledge article

Users can still access outdated articles that have been attached to incidents by navigating to the article view page with the sys_id of the article. Outdated articles include a message that an updated article is available.

If versioning is disabled, only the latest version of the article is shown in search results and list views.

Retired knowledge articles cannot be searched for by external users or customers. To reuse a retired article, create a new article with the same content, which is published once approved.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Articles > Published.
  2. Open the desired article.
  3. Click Retire in the Knowledge form header.
    The system returns to the Knowledge list. The state of the article changes to Pending retirement and the state of previously published versions change to Outdated.
    Note: You cannot check out or edit a retired article.