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Approve an article that is being reviewed

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Approve an article that is being reviewed

Approve an article that is being reviewed and create a new published version.

About this task

When an article is in the Review state, only those users who are included in the Approvals related list can modify the article.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Articles > Unpublished.
  2. Open an article in the Review state and review the text.
  3. In the Approvals related list, click Requested in the State column to display the Approval form for the article.
  4. Click Approve.
    The system displays the Knowledge form. The version number of the article increments to the next whole number (for example, from 2.02 to 3.0) and the state changes to Published. The new published version of the article is added to the Knowledge list and to the Article Versions related list on the Knowledge form.