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CMDB record types

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CMDB record types

The CMDB contains the following major record types.

Table 1. CMDB record types
Record types Description
Configuration Item (CI) Any computer, device, or service in the CMDB. A CI's record includes all of the relevant data, such as manufacturer, vendor, location, etc. Configuration items can be created or maintained either using tables, lists, and forms within the platform, or using the Discovery application.
Relation Type A defined relationship between a CI and either another CI, a user, or a group. Relation types are defined twice, once from the perspective of the child CI and once from the parent CI's perspective.

For example, a parent CI that powers a child CI uses relation type Powers::Is Powered By. Example relation types include In Rack::Rack contains, Log Reviewed by::Reviews logs for, or Backup done by::Does backups for.

CMDB relationships can be established using Discovery or using the tables, lists, and forms within the platform. The CMDB form has a specific Related Items toolbar optimized for modifying relationships.