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CMDB health system properties

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CMDB health system properties

Configure the following system properties to customize how CMDB health is monitored and evaluated.

Role required: itil_admin

Note: To open the System Property [sys_properties] table, enter sys_properties.list in the navigation filter.
Property Description
Max time in minutes for which individual metric processor will run in each scheduled cycle


If processing of a metric exceeds the specified time, CMDB health processing halts until the next CMDB health job is scheduled to run.
  • Type: integer
  • Default value: 120
  • Location: Navigate to Configuration > Health Preference. In the right hand-side navigator, click System Properties.

For performance reasons, it is recommended not to set this property to a value greater than 120.

Note: If you enter an invalid value, the default value is used.
glide.cmdb.logger.use_syslog.CMDBHealth A comma-separated list that controls the level of logging of CMDB health jobs. Logging creates entries in the system logs to capture messages generated by the health auditing process each time they run. This logging helps debugging if there is a failure.

For example, to log error and info messages, set the value to 'error,info'.

  • Type: String
  • Default value: error
  • Other possible values: Comma-separated list with any of the following values:
    • info
    • error
    • warn

    Or '*' which is equivalent to including all possible values.

  • Location: System Property [sys_properties] table.

When set to true, disables health results from sources other than CMDB Health audit (such as cloud discovery). Only results generated by CMDB Health audit appear in the CMDB dashboard.

For example, by default, if a CI is determined to be stale by Discovery, then that CI appears as stale in the CMDB dashboard even though CMDB Health audit did not determine that CI to be stale. To disable these stale CI health results, set the property to true.