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Agent Workspace for Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

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Agent Workspace for Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Agent Workspace for CMDB provides an easy-to-navigate interface that helps service agents access essential CMDB configuration items and drill-down to related items such as changes, incidents, and timeline.

Agent Workspace for CMDB provides:

  • Key health scores for CIs
  • Level 1 CI relationships
  • Condensed timeline view of incidents, changes, and change requests for a CI, for the past 7, 14 (default), or 30 days
  • Critical incidents and change requests for CIs
  • Critical attributes related to CIs.
  • Ability to create incidents and change requests for CIs, and to delete a CI


The CMDB Workspace plugin (com.cmdb-workspace) is activated by default in a new Madrid instance, but not activated in an upgraded instance. If inactive, activate the CMDB Workspace plugin.

The CMDB Workspace plugin adds the following to Agent Workspace:
  • CMDB list category and associated filtered lists: Servers, Workstation, and Network Gear
  • Configured workspace forms for common CMDB tables
  • CMDB-specific widgets: CMDB Health, CMDB Relationships, and CMDB Timeline


To access Agent Workspace for CMDB, the workspace_agent and itil roles are required.

CMDB Workspace form view in Agent Workspace

Service agents see forms in the Workspace form view for the CMDB tables that this view is configured for:

CMDB Agent Workspace widgets and UI actions.

The Workspace form view for CMDB tables contains the following components:
  • CI Health:

    Shows Critical Incidents, Change Requests, and the following CMDB Health scores: incomplete attributes, non-compliant relationships, stale relationships. Lets you open the CI Dashboard.

  • Level 1 Relationships:

    Shows level 1 relationships. Lets you open the Dependency Views map.

  • CI Timeline:

    Shows record changes, change requests, and incidents on a timeline. The timeline is for the past 14 days, condensing details that might be relevant to a current issue.

The More UI Actions icon in the upper right area lets you create a change, create an incident, or delete the CI.
Related lists
The Workspace form includes CIs' related lists such as Change Requests, Incidents, and Tasks, similar to related lists that appear on a CI form.

CMDB tables that do not have a Workspace form view configured for, appear with the default workspace form view which you cannot modify. You can configure Workspace form views for any additional CMDB table that is commonly used in your organization, for which a Workspace form is not configured by default.

For example, create a new form named 'Workspace' for the Business Service class. Then, add to the Workspace form Agent Workspace components such as a form header, and CMDB-specific ribbon items such as the CMDB Health widget. Next time that you open a CI of the Business Service class in Agent Workspace, the CI appears in a Workspace form.

View CI in Agent Workspace

View various details for a CI using Workspace form view, in Agent Workspace. The Workspace form view provides details such as key health scores, a timeline view of incidents, changes, and change requests, and critical incidents, change requests, and attributes related to CIs.

Before you begin

CIs appear in a Workspace form view only if a Workspace form view is configured for the respective CMDB class. Otherwise, CIs appear in the default workspace form view, which you cannot update.

Role required: workspace_agent and itil


  1. Navigate to Agent Workspace and click Agent Workspace Home.
  2. Click Lists, navigate to CMDB and then to one of the classes such as Servers.
  3. In the class list view, select a CI.

What to do next

  • Click the More UI Actions icon in the upper right area and select Create Change, Create Incident, or Delete to delete the CI.
  • In the CI Health widget, click CI Dashboard to open the CI Dashboard.
  • In the Level 1 Relationship widget, click Dependency Map to open the Dependency Views map for the CI.

Filtered lists for CMDB

Agent Workspace for CMDB includes by default the Servers, Workstations, and Network Gear filtered lists.

To edit filtered lists, navigate to Agent workspace > List filters.

Filtered list Criteria Table columns
Servers All CIs under the cmdb_ci_server table
  • Name (name)
  • Location (location)
  • Status (install_status)
  • Operating System (os)
  • Last Discovered (last_discovered)
  • Support Group (support_group)
  • Serial Number (serial_number)
  • Asset Tag (asset_tag)
Workstations Conditions for the following operating systems:
  • Mac OS 10 (OS/X)
  • Mac OS 8
  • Mac OS 9
  • Mac OS/X
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Embedded Standard
  • Name (name)
  • Location (location)
  • Status (install_status)
  • Operating System (os)
  • Last Discovered (last_discovered)
  • Support Group (support_group)
  • Serial Number (serial_number)
  • Asset Tag (asset_tag)
Network Gear All CIs under the cmdb_ci_netgear table
  • Name (name)
  • Manufacturer (manufacturer)
  • Model ID (model_id)
  • Serial Number (serial_number)
  • IP Address (ip_address)
  • Location (location)

Agent Workspace for CMDB tables

Agent Workspace for CMDB provides a number of CMDB tables with the Workspace form view layouts.

CMDB tables in Workspace view

Agent Workspace for CMDB provides the Workspace form view for common CMDB tables:
  • Hardware [cmdb_ci_hardware]
  • Computer [cmdb_ci_computer]
  • Server [cmdb_ci_server]
  • Linux Server [cmdb_ci_linux_server]
  • UNIX Server [cmdb_ci_unix_server]
  • AIX Server [cmdb_ci_aix_server]
  • HPUX Server [cmdb_ci_hpux_server]
  • Solaris Server [cmdb_ci_solaris_server]
  • Windows Server [cmdb_ci_win_server]
  • Network Gear [cmdb_ci_netgear]
  • Storage Server [cmdb_ci_storage_server]
  • Storage Switch [cmdb_ci_storage_switch]
  • IP Router [cmdb_ci_ip_router]
  • IP Switch [cmdb_ci_ip_switch]
  • Wireless Access Point [cmdb_ci_wap_network]
  • Load Balancer [cmdb_ci_lb]
  • F5 BIG-IP [cmdb_ci_lb_bigip]
  • F5 BigIP GTM [cmdb_ci_lb_f5_gtm]
  • F5 BigIP LTM [cmdb_ci_lb_f5_ltm]
  • Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_vm_instance]
  • VMware Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_vmware_instance]
  • EC2 Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_ec2_instance]
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_hyper_v_instance]
  • KVM Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_kvm_vm_instance]
  • Solaris Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_solaris_instance]
CMDB Workspace adds records to the following Agent Workspace tables:
  • [sys_aw_crud_exclusions]: For configured lists and related lists
  • [sys_aw_list]: For Servers, Computers, and Network Gear
  • [sys_aw_ribbon_component] and [sys_ux_lib_component]: For the three CMDB widgets
  • [sys_aw_form_header]: For each configured CI header
  • [sys_aw_ribbon_setting]: For each configured CI ribbon
  • [sys_ui_form_section], [sys_ui_section], and [sys_ui_element]: For each configured CI form