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Grant access to the Email API

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Grant access to the Email API

To grant non-admin users access to the Email API, administrators must create an access control and assign a special role.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

For additional details, see Email API .


  1. Elevate privileges to security_admin.
  2. Navigate to System Security > Access Control (ACL).
  3. Click New.
  4. Create an access control for the Email [sys_email] table.
    Table 1. Access control values
    Field Value
    Type record
    Operation create
    Admin overrides Selected
    Name sys_email
    Requires role email_api_send
  5. Assign the email_api_send role to the non-admin user.
  6. Verify the non-admin user either has read access to all records in the notification target table or has read access to a specific record in the table.
    For example, to work with incident notifications the non-admin user needs access to the Incident table. You can provide record access by:
    • Granting the user an appropriate role, such as the itil role.
    • Selecting a specific incident that was opened on behalf of the user.