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Enable search facets

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Enable search facets

In new instances, search facets are enabled by default. If upgrading from a previous release, enable search facets by activating a record in the Page Route Maps [sp_page_route_map] table.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or sp_admin

About this task

Search facets render in the Faceted Search widget on the sp_search page. To enable search facets after upgrade, activate the page route map record to route your search results to render in the sp_search page.


  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Page Route Maps.
  2. Locate the Search record in the list.
    This record redirects users from the search page to the sp_search page when viewing search results in Service Portal. The sp_search page includes the Faceted Search widget, which supports search facets in both desktop and mobile environments.
  3. Set the Active field to true.


When using search in Service Portal, results render in the sp_search page. Add facets to the search source to enable end users to filter search results. To learn more about facets, see Add facets to a simple search source.