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Activate Service Portal validation scripts

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Activate Service Portal validation scripts

Validate user input in a specific field type using a validation script. In new instances, Service Portal includes XML, Script, Script (Plain), Email, and Version validation scripts by default. If upgrading from a previous release, the Mobile and Service Portal version is not active by default. You must activate the Mobile and Service Portal version of the validation script to validate user input in the Service Portal.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Service Portal requires that the UI Type field be set to All or Mobile / Service Portal. Client Scripts marked as Desktop rely on legacy APIs that are not supported in Service Portal. Before flagging a script as Mobile / Service Portal or All, make sure you are only using supported client-side APIs. See Supported client script types and APIs.

Note: To change the UI Type from Mobile / Service Portal to All, delete the Desktop version from your instance to avoid activating conflicting scripts. Before deleting the Desktop version, make a backup in case you need to revert any changes.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Validation Scripts.
  2. Open the Mobile / Service Portal version of the validation script you would like to use in the Service Portal.
  3. Click the Active flag to activate the validation script.
  4. (Optional) Set the UI Type to All to use the validation script in desktop, mobile, and Service Portal environments. To avoid activating conflicting validation scripts, you must first delete the Desktop version of the script.
    1. Navigate to the desktop version of the validation script you would like to replace. Desktop versions have the UI Type field set to Desktop.
    2. Open the record.
    3. Right-click the header menu and select Export > XML (This Record) to create a backup of the record.
    4. Once the export completes, click Delete and confirm the selection.
    5. Navigate back to the validation script set to Active in earlier steps and change the UI Type to All.


User input into the designated field type in the Service Portal and Mobile environments is validated for correct formatting. For example, if you activated the Email validation script for use in the Service Portal, invalid user input into an Email field generates an error and prevents the browser from submitting the form.
Note: On a desktop browser, the field is validated when you submit the record. On a mobile browser, the field is validated when you navigate away from the field.