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SC Wish List Cart widget

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SC Wish List Cart widget

Use this widget to add catalog items or record producers to the wish list so that you can review them.

If the wish list is enabled for Service Catalog, SC Wish List Cart widget (sc_wishlist_cart) is available in Service Portal. Once enabled, the following options are available:

  • The Wish List menu option on the main navigation bar.
  • The Add to Wish List button in the Ordering widget for catalog items and record producers.
  • A wish list details page that displays all items in the Wish List.

From the wish list details page, you can view or delete catalog items, clear the wish list, or navigate to the Service Catalog landing page.

Figure 1. SC Wish List Cart widget
Screenshot for the SC Wish List Cart widget

Instance options

Use the widget instance options to customize the settings for the SC Wish List Cart widget. To customize the settings for this widget, press the Ctrl key, click on the widget, and select Instance Options.

Table 1. Instance options for the SC Wish List Cart widget
Field Description
Auto update wish list Automatically updates the wish list across all sessions.