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SC Shopping Cart widget

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SC Shopping Cart widget

The SC Shopping Cart widget (sc-shopping-cart-v2), used with Service Catalog, stores all your orders at one place.

Use the shopping cart widget to:
  • Control the quantity of items in the cart.
  • Add items to a cart. This information is stored in the sc_cart table.
  • Define who the items are being requested for.
  • Save specific items together as a bundle, which can be reloaded later. You can replace the cart items with the saved bundles, or add the bundles to the cart items.
  • Remove all items from your cart.
Figure 1. SC Shopping Cart widget
Screenshot for the SC Shopping Cart widget

Instance options

Use the widget instance options to customize the settings for the SC Shopping Cart widget. To customize the settings for this widget, press the Ctrl key, click on the widget, and select Instance Options.

Table 1. Instance options for the SC Shopping Cart widget
Field Description
Bootstrap color Color scheme for the widget. The default colors are defined by the portal theme, but if you want the instance to have a specific color, select the option from the list.
Cart Template Enter the name of a ng-template you want to use to provide a different template for the shopping cart. By default, two ng-templates are provided: small_shopping_cart_v2.html and large_shopping_cart_v2.html.
Auto update cart Automatically updates the cart across all sessions.