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SC Category Page widget

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SC Category Page widget

Lists the catalog items available within a certain category. Categories are determined within the Service Catalog module.

Note: Catalog items are sorted in ascending order by their Order value. If catalog items have the same order, they are sorted by the Name field.
Figure 1. SC Category Page widget
Service Catalog Category page widget

Instance options

Table 1. Category page widget instance options fields
Field Description
Click event name The name of the event that is emitted when a user clicks a catalog item.

You can override the default behavior when clicking on a catalog item by providing a different event name. This would be in a situation where you embedded the category page in another widget.

The default value is $
Number of items to display per page Number of items to display in the category page.
Note: When defining the number of items to be displayed, consider the item data such as images and long descriptions. A large number may slow down the page performance.
Show items from Child Categories Displays items in the child categories along with those in the parent category.
Note: If the Category Layout instance options is set to Flat in the SC Categories widget, then set this instance option to False.