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SC Categories widget

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SC Categories widget

The SC Categories widget displays Service Catalog categories.

The system renders the categories available in this widget from the Categories table in Service Catalog [sc_category].

Figure 1. SC Categories widget
Screenshot for the SC Categories widget

Instance options

Table 1. Categories widget instance options fields
Field Description
Page Defines what page opens when a user clicks a category. By default, this option redirects to the page for the selected category.
Number of categories to load Specifies the number of categories displayed in the Categories pane. By default, ten categories are displayed. If there are additional categories, the Show All option is available.
Bootstrap color Color scheme for the widget. The default colors are defined by the portal theme, but if you want the instance to have a specific color, select the option from the list.
Category Layout Select a flat or nested layout. A flat layout shows all of the available categories. A nested layout shows only the parent categories. Use a nested layout if you have a large number of categories to prevent an unnecessarily long list. Click Plus sign icon that appears next to a category with nested topics to expand the sub-categories.

The widget only supports three levels of nesting. After level four, categories appear in the flat view.

Hide at XS Hides the categories option on small screens, for example, on smart phones. The default is set to false.
Omit badges Show or hide the number of items included in each category.
Check canView per item Verifies with each item that the user has the right roles to view the catalog item.
Note: If a category contains more than 200 items, update the following instance options on this widget for better performance:
  • Category Layout: Flat
  • Omit badges: True
  • Check canView per item: False