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KB Categories widget

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KB Categories widget

Lists the categories for your Knowledge Base.

Figure 1. KB Categories widget
Knowledge Base categories widget

Categories are determined by the list of Knowledge Categories provided for the Knowledge Base. To view a list of categories for a knowledge base, in the platform navigate to Knowledge > Administration > Knowledge bases, then select the name of the knowledge base, for example IT. Categories for the knowledge base appear in the related lists. If a category does not have any associated articles, it does not appear in the portal. For more information on defining categories for a knowledge base, see Define a knowledge article category.

The knowledge base a portal uses is determined in the portal form. On the Service Portal configuration page (Service Portal > Service Portal configuration) click Portals in the header menu. Select a portal from the list, then in the knowledge base list, select a knowledge base.

Figure 2. Select knowledge base
Portal form with the knowledge base list open and IT selected

Instance options

The KB categories widget does not include instance options.