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Include font icons on a page

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Include font icons on a page

Include font icons on a page so that all the widgets on the page have access to the font-icon set.

  1. In the platform UI, navigate to Service Portal > Pages and click the page you want to add font icons to.
  2. Attach the font-icon file to the page record.
  3. In the Page Specific CSS field for the page, add the CSS for the font-icon definition. Use the sys_id of the attachment as the src in the CSS.

    Page with icon set attached and Page Specific CSS example


You can select an icon from the icon set for any widget on this page. For example, in the HTML widget you can use the source code option to use an icon.

HTML widget with the source code open displaying text that says the following: <p style="text-align: center;"><em class="material-icons">flight_land</em></p>