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Current Status widget

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Current Status widget

The Current Status widget displays any issues reported in the system. You can customize this base system widget to suit your own needs or use it as a base code sample to build your own Service Portal widgets.

The Current Status widget checks the Outages [cmdb_ci_outage] table to see if the system is experiencing any outages.

Service owners and service desk managers report planned or unplanned outages by creating outage records. Each outage record includes Begin and End fields to indicate the duration of the outage. If the End time is later or empty, then the outage is still ongoing. The Current Status widget displays all ongoing outages.

Figure 1. Current Status widget
Current Status widget

The Current Status displays outages only for services, which are tracked in the Services [cmdb_ci_service] table.

Instance options

Use the instance options to configure the Current Status widget for a portal page.

Field Description
Show outage details Option to display details from the Outage [cmdb_ci_outage] record.
Standalone Option to remove explanatory information. This option also adds a link to more information.