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Cool Clock widget

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Cool Clock widget

Show different times around the world using the Cool Clock widget.

Cool clocks demonstrates how to use instance options in a widgets. The time zone is loaded using an instance option. If you do not select a time zone, the widget uses a default time zone.

Figure 1. Cool Clock widget
Cool Clock widget

Instance options

Table 1. Cool clock widget instance options
Field Description
Title Name of the clock, for example New York, NY. The name appears below the clock so it helps to use a name related to the time zone.
Timezone The location from which the time is displayed. Use the local full name, for example, America/New York, instead of the abbreviated time zone. Using the full name allows time zones to stay consistent with daylight savings time. The default value is America/Los Angeles
Second hand color Color of the second hand using the hex code, RGB, or color name. The default value is red.