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Record workflow activity

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Record workflow activity

The Record workflow activity records audio from a user on a Notify call.

Input Variables

Input variables determine the initial behavior of the activity.

Table 1. Input Variables
Variable Description
Max duration (in seconds) Enter the maximum duration, in seconds, allowed for a recording.
Timeout (in seconds) Enter the amount of time to wait before ending a recording automatically when the caller is silent.
Finish Key Specify the key a caller can press on their phone to end the recording.

Scratchpad Entries

The activity uses the workflow scratchpad to store persistent values.

The record activity adds the recording variable to the workflow scratchpad. This variable stores metadata about the recording, such as URl, ID, and duration. You can access the following values from this variable.

Table 2. Values written to scratchpad
Value Description
recording.recordingDuration The duration of the recording, in seconds.
recording.from_number The caller's phone number, including country code.
recording.notify_number The Notify phone number used to respond to the call, including country code.
recording.recordingID The ID used by the telephony provider to identify the recording.
recording.recordingURL The URL from the telephony provider to access the recording.