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Return Value workflow activity

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Return Value workflow activity

The Return Value activity returns a value to a parent workflow, when run from a subflow.

This activity has no variables or conditions. For more information, see Workflows used as subflows.

Use this activity within a subflow to store data that the parent flow can access. The Return Value activity adds the data from the subflow's value variable to the parent workflow's scratchpad.

Scratchpad entries

The activity uses the workflow scratchpad to read and write persistent values.

Table 1. Return Value activity scratchpad entries
Variable Description
value The activity writes the value from the subflow value variable to the parent scratchpad. The parent workflow activity that runs the subflow includes a Map return value to variable that defines where the parent workflow stores the returned data. This data can be scalar, a stringifiable JavaScript object, or an expression that evaluates to a stringifiable JavaScript object.