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Approval Action workflow activity

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Approval Action workflow activity

The Approval Action activity performs an approval action on the current task.

Use this activity to mark the current task record as approved or rejected.

Note: When an Approval Action activity is used to mark a task approved, the activity marks all pending approvals as No Longer Required. This activity behaves differently from Set Values or Run Script when used to set the Approval field's value.


The result value of the activity is the final approval disposition selected by the approver. The result value can be Approved or Rejected. A workflow designer can assign a result value using the activity.result variable from within a script field of the activity.

Input variables

Input variables determine the initial behavior of the activity.

Table 1. Approval Action activity input variables
Field Description
Action The action to perform on the task. Options are:
  • Mark task approved
  • Mark task rejected
  • Mark task requested
  • Disregard pending approvals: the system sets approval records to no longer required and marks the activity as approved.


The conditions determine which transition runs after this activity.
Note: Approval activities run as the user whose actions match the approve or reject conditions the workflow was waiting for and advances the workflow.
Table 2. Approval Action activity conditions
Condition Description
Always The event or condition that causes the approval to move to the next workflow step.
Error The event or condition that generates an error.
Skipped The event or condition that allows a skipped approval.


The activity state tells the workflow engine what to do with the activity.
Table 3. Approval Action activity states
State Description
Executing The workflow engine starts the execute function of the activity.
Waiting The workflow engine ignores the activity until a specific event to restart the activity is fired.
Finished The activity finished running. See the result value for the outcome of the activity.
Cancelled This activity, or the workflow that contains this activity, was canceled.
Error A JavaScript error occurred. Review the logs for error details.