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View a survey instance

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View a survey instance

A survey instance represents one questionnaire assigned to one user. You view an instance to verify that survey instances were created, to check the state of a survey instance, or to reassign a survey instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin


  1. Navigate to Survey > Survey Instances. The following sub-modules are available based on the state of the instances:
    • Ready to take: Displays survey instances that are ready to be taken by the user. By default, these instances are sorted in ascending order by the Number field.
    • In progress: Displays survey instances that are in progress. By default, these instances are sorted in ascending order by the Number field.
    • Completed: Displays survey instances that are complete. By default, these instances are sorted in descending order by the Taken on field.
    • Cancelled: Displays survey instances that are cancelled. By default, these instances are sorted in ascending order by the Number field.
    • All: Displays survey instances in all states. By default, these instances are sorted in ascending order by the Number field.
  2. Open a survey instance from the required sub-module. By default, the following fields are displayed in the Survey Instance form for all sub-modules other than Completed.
    • When you open an instance in the Completed sub-module, you are redirected to the User's Response page.
    • Each survey instance is stored as a record on the Assessment Instance [asmt_assessment_instance] table with a modified view for survey use.
    Table 1. Survey Instance form
    Field Description
    Number Automatically generated record number.
    Metric type Survey definition this survey instance was created from. Survey definitions are stored on the Assessment Instance table, and the field label on that table is Metric type.
    Due date Date by which the survey instance should be completed. The system populates the due date based on the Assessment duration of the associated survey definition, which is set to 14 days by default.

    The survey due date is not enforced in the base system. If you want to enforce the due date, consider using a workflow or other mechanism to send survey recipients reminders when a survey is overdue.

    Note: By default, the system runs the Cancel Expired Assessments script every 30 days to cancel expired survey, assessment, and quiz instances that are in the Work in progress or Ready to take states.
    State State of the survey instance.
    Assigned to User this survey instance is assigned to. This field becomes read-only when the state is In progress, Complete, or Canceled.
    Domain Domain associated with the instance.
    Expiration date Date on which the assigned user can receive a new instance of the same survey definition. The system automatically populates the expiration date based on the Schedule period of the associated survey definition.
    Related Link
    View User's Response Shows a read-only version of the survey responses completed by the user.
    Retry Sentiment Analysis Sends the survey instances for sentiment analysis.
    Note: This link is available only if any sentiment analysis result is not available for this instance under Survey > Question Sentiment Results
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    Assessment Instance Questions All instance question records, which store user response values for each question on the survey questionnaire. The following columns are relevant to surveys:
    • Category: Displays the survey categories the questions belong to.
    • Metric: Displays the survey questions.