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Obtain and distribute a general survey URL

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Obtain and distribute a general survey URL

You can distribute a general survey URL to allow any eligible user to open a survey questionnaire.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

About this task

The general URL is available on the Survey Definition form and on the survey creator. You can also email the URL for a public survey that is published.


  1. Navigate to Survey > View Surveys.
  2. Open a survey definition from the Assessment Metric Types list.
  3. To view or copy the URL, click the View Survey URL related link.
    This related link is visible only if the survey definition is Active.
  4. To distribute the URL to users, paste the copied URL as desired, or click the Email button to send via email.
    The Email button is visible only for a public survey that is published.

What to do next

When a survey user clicks the general survey URL, the system creates a survey instance for the survey user as long as the user does not have an instance in the Ready to take state. The system is configured by default to send an email notification when a survey instance is generated.

As a result, the survey user receives a second notification in addition to the notification that you sent with the general survey URL. This may confuse the survey user. To avoid this issue, you can deactivate auto-notification.