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Migrate a legacy survey

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Migrate a legacy survey

Migrate a legacy survey and its related records to take advantage of a more powerful feature set.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

About this task

To avoid timing out for very large surveys, you can disable the transaction quota. See Transaction quotas.


  1. Navigate to Survey > Legacy Surveys > Masters.
    The list of legacy survey masters appears. By default, the list shows only survey masters that have not been migrated. To show all survey masters, remove the Assessment is empty breadcrumb.
  2. Open a survey and click the Migrate to New Survey Management related link or Migrate to New Survey Management in the title bar.
    A dialog box describes what happens when you migrate the survey. Note that certain types of survey questions cannot be migrated.
  3. Click OK.
    The system generates records on assessment tables based on the survey master, eligible questions and choices, results, and other related survey components. The original survey components are unaffected.

    System messages may appear at the top of the Survey form to notify you of questions that could not be migrated and to advise you to review migrated Multiple Choice questions.

  4. (Optional) Click the reference icon beside the Assessment field to view the new survey definition.
  5. (Optional) Remove survey users from the assessment survey if you want all users to be able to take it.
    When you migrate a survey, any users who have taken it are automatically associated with the assessment survey and become survey users. When there are survey users associated with an assessment survey, only those users can take it.
  6. Deactivate any survey conditions associated with the survey by completing the following steps.
    1. Navigate to Survey > Legacy Administration > Survey Conditions.
    2. In the Active column, ensure the value is false for any survey conditions that reference the migrated survey.
  7. Navigate to Survey > Administration > Trigger Conditions to create new trigger conditions for the migrated survey.


The Migrate to Assessment related link on the legacy survey record becomes unavailable after the migration. However, if you delete the record referenced in the Assessment field, the related link reappears and you can migrate the legacy survey again.