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Create a survey module

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Create a survey module

You can create a module that opens a survey.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

About this task

When a user clicks a survey module, the system performs one of the following actions, depending on the configuration options for the survey and other factors.
  • Creates a new survey instance
  • Opens an existing survey instance
  • Displays an error message.


  1. Perform the appropriate action for your version of the UI:
    • UI16: Point to the application menu that contains the module to which you want to add the survey module and click the edit application (pencil) icon.
    • UI15: Right-click the application menu you want to add the module to and select Edit Application Menu
  2. In the Modules related list, click New.
  3. Complete the following fields.
    • Link type: Assessment

      Do not select Survey, which is used for legacy surveys only.

    • Assessment: Select the survey you want the module to open.
  4. Complete and save the form.