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Enable localization for a survey

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Enable localization for a survey

Enable a survey user to take a survey in multiple languages.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin
The plugin for the language that you want the survey to be available in should be installed.
Note: Localization is applicable only for public surveys.


  1. Navigate to Survey > Administration > Properties.
  2. Enable the Enable/Disable whether to show language picker when a public survey is taken (show_lang_picker_for_publicsurveys) property.
  3. In the System Settings window, from the Language list, select the language that you want the survey to be available in.
    Note: The Language list is available only when a language plugin is installed.
  4. Navigate to Survey > View Surveys and open a public survey.
  5. Enter the translated text for the survey title, questions, and answers.
  6. Save and publish the survey.
    Note: The localization is also applicable in Service Portal if the Assessment Properties Allow survey link from email to open in service portal view (applies only for surveys) (sn_portal_surveys.sp_survey.email_redirection) property is enabled.
    • The survey is available for survey users in the translated language.
    • Users can change the language of the survey using the language picker.