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Survey question migration

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Survey question migration

Before you migrate a legacy survey, understand that some legacy survey questions cannot be migrated due to incompatible question types.

Legacy survey questions are migrated from the Survey Question [survey_question_new] table to the Assessment Metric [asmt_metric] table. In legacy surveys, the Type field on the Survey Question table determines how the question renders on the survey questionnaire. In assessment surveys, the Data type field on the Assessment Metric table serves a similar purpose. Certain legacy survey types are not supported in assessment surveys.

The following table shows the conversion path for each legacy survey question type to an assessment data type, if there is one.

Table 1. Survey question migration
Legacy survey type Assessment data type
Break Not available
CheckBox Checkbox
Date Date
Date/Time Date/Time
HTML Not available
Label Not available
List Collector Not available
Lookup Multiple Choice Not available
Lookup Select Box Not available
Macro Not available
Macro with Label Not available
Multi Line Text String (String option set to Multiline)
Multiple Choice Likert Scale
Numeric Scale Number
Reference Not available
Select Box Choice
Single Line Text String (String option set to Single line)
UI Page Not available
Wide Single Line Text String (String option set to Single line wide)
Yes / No Yes/No