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Create a JavaScript array in a SOAP template

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Create a JavaScript array in a SOAP template

These are instructions for creating JavaScript arrays using SOAP execution parameters.

Before you begin

Role required: web_service_admin, activity_admin, activity_creator

About this task

To add more name-value pairs to the parameter's array, append the values to the existing array.


  1. Create a JavaScript object with the following syntax, and add it to the executionParam.parameter array:
    var newParameter = {"name":"parameterName","value":"parameterValue","additional_attribute":"none"}; 

    By adding the new parameter JavaScript object to the array, you ensure that any elements already available in the array are not impacted.

  2. Make sure to set the value in the Additional attribute column in the SOAP message parameters input field to Do not escape text.

    In this case, the system does not escape the value specified for the value attribute. An example of this is:

    var newParameter = {"name":"parameterName","value":"parameterValue","additional_attribute":"do_not_escape_text"}; 
    Note: If the value for the additional_attribute field is None, then the system escapes the value specified by the value attribute. In the first example, parameterValue is escaped.