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Create a run script activity

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Create a run script activity

Create an activity that runs any script.

Before you begin

Role required: activity_creator or workflow_admin


  1. Create a custom activity.
    This action creates a custom activity using a template.
  2. After setting up general properties and creating input variables, configure the Run Script Execution Command:
    Create a script for this activity to execute.
    Note: You can map parameter values in a test payload to variables in the Outputs tab automatically. See automap output variables.

What to do next

Run Script template processing script

Use the Run Script custom template Script form to enter a script to call and use with other activities.

Table 1. Run Script processing script
Field Description
Processing script Script that the activity runs.
Variables Input variables that are available to use as building blocks in the input process script. Click the arrow above the field to open the variables list. Click an item in the tree to add it to your script in the appropriate syntax. The list displays input variables you passed into the activity on the Inputs form. All activity variables added in the Inputs form are read-only and are expressed in the processing script with this syntax: activityInput.variable.