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Create Directory activity

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Create Directory activity

The Create Directory activity creates a new directory on an SFTP server.

Input variables

Table 1. Create Directory input variables
Variable Description
sourceHost Name or IP address of the server containing the files you want to move.
sourcePort Port number to use to communicate with the source server. The default port number is 22.
sourceDirectory Path to the target directory to create.
sourceCredentialTag Specific credential alias this activity must use to run SSH commands on the host.

Output variables

Table 2. Create Directory output variables
Variable Description
errorMessage The executionResult.errorMessages from the Activity designer parsing sources. If this variable is not null, the operation has failed.
result Text message advising that the command was executed successfully.


Table 3. Create Directory conditions
Variable Description
Success The activity succeeded in creating the directory.
Failure The activity failed to create the directory.