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Enable an email digest

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Enable an email digest

In your notification preferences, you can enable an email digest that summarizes the activity for a selected notification during a specified time interval. The digest is a single email that you receive instead of the individual notifications generated during the specified interval.

Before you begin

Role required: user

About this task

The email digest option is available for a notification (in your notification preferences) only when your admin has configured the email digest content for that notification.

Consider enabling an email digest to reduce the number of emails you would normally receive when the target record for a notification is frequently updated within a short time period.


  1. Click the gear icon (System Settings gear icon) in the banner frame to open the System Settings window, and click the Notifications tab.
  2. Select the notification:
    1. In the Notifications By Category section, click the row or right arrow (>) of the category that you want to view.
    2. In the list of notifications for the category, click the row or right arrow (>) next to the notification that you want to edit.
  3. To enable or disable an email digest for the notification, if an email digest is available:
    1. Click the Email Digest switch.
      The email digest is enabled when the switch is green and disabled when the switch is grey.
    2. If you enabled the digest, select the Interval (length of time) during which the notifications are accumulated.
      Example notification settings for a notification with the Email Digest switch enabled
      The digest interval begins with the first occurrence of notification activity. For example, if you select the daily (1 Day) interval and the first notification occurs at 07:00, the system begins accumulating notifications at 07:00 and stops at 07:00 the next day.
    Soon after the interval ends, the system sends the email digest to you instead of sending the individual notifications generated during the digest interval. If you disabled the digest, the system immediately stops accumulating the notifications for the digest and does not send the email digest. The system resumes sending the notifications as they are generated.