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Create personal notifications

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Create personal notifications

You can create personal notifications, which are subscriptions to notifications of importance to you. You can apply conditions that control specific content included in your personal notification, and also enable or disable the channels for delivery.

Before you begin

Role required: user

About this task

A personal notification is a subscribable notification that you can customize. You can assign the notification a name that is meaningful to you and filter the information received in that notification.
Note: Users are limited to one subscription per notification.


  1. Click the gear icon System Settings gear iconin the banner frame to open the System Settings window, and click the Notifications tab.
  2. Click Create Personal Notification.
  3. Complete the New Personal Notification form (see table).
    Example entries for creating a new personal notifcation using the New Personal Notification form
    Field Description
    Name A descriptive name for your personal notification. Use a meaningful name to distinguish it from system notifications.
    Notification The notification to subscribe to. You can subscribe only to notifications that are configured to allow subscriptions. Depending on the notification you select, the Table, Affected record, and Send when fields are displayed.
    Table The database table that the notification is linked to.
    Affected record The specific record that the notification is based on. This field appears when you select a notification that has an affected record (for example, a notification for a problem record that has multiple affected CIs). Click the lookup icon, select the table and specific document (record) in that table, and click OK.
    Send when Another condition that must be met to send the notification. For example, you might create a filter whose conditions send notifications when an incident with a priority of 1 - Critical is opened for a network issue.
  4. Click Save. The system creates the personal notification and adds it to the appropriate notification category.
    In the following example, notice the category in which the system placed the personal notification.
    Example showing the category (IT Service Management) in which a new personal notification is placed
  5. Enable or disable the channels for your personal notification.
  6. Navigate back to the list of notifications for the category by clicking the left back arrow (<) at the top of the form.
    Notice that your Personal Notifications are listed above the System Notifications in the given category.
    Example showing that a personal notification is placed at the beginning of the notifications listed for a particular category
  7. Navigate back by clicking the left back arrow (<) at the top of the form or by clicking the Notifications tab.