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Geolocation history

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Geolocation history

The Geolocation History [geo_history] table contains the history of each tracked user's location over time.

To view geolocation history, navigate to Geolocation > Geolocation History. The record list shows time stamped location data for all users configured for geolocation tracking.

The following system properties, located in Geolocation > Administration > Geolocation Properties, control the data that appears in this table.

  • Minimum distance an agent must move to be considered in a new location (in meters): Perimeter that defines a single location in which multiple tasks are present. This property prevents the system from creating unnecessary history records when multiple tasks are in the same general location.
  • Maximum distance an agent can be from a specific location and still be placed at that location (in meters): Distance that a user can be from a specified location and still be placed at that location when the system creates history data.
  • Number of days to keep history data: Time period for which the system retains history data.
  • Minimum amount of time between updating the user's location (in seconds): Time period the system waits before updating a user's location, regardless of how often the user accesses tasks.