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Look Up Record step

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Look Up Record step

Look up a record from any table based on defined conditions.

Roles and availability

  • Available as an Action Designer action step. Subject matter experts use the action_designer role to create a custom action with one or more action steps.


Field Description
Table Select a table from the list.

Set static or dynamic conditions to filter records. To define a static condition applied each time the action runs, define the conditions with the condition builder. To enable flow designers to dynamically apply conditions, define an input of type Conditions and drag-and-drop the input data pill into the Conditions field.

When building a condition that looks up the value of a reference field, use a data pill that explicitly provides the Sys ID value. Ensure the condition has the format [reference field][is][Reference type data pill->Sys ID]. For example, both the Change and Incident tables contain a reference field to the User table. To look up change records where the requester is the caller from an incident record, create the condition [Requested by][is][action->incident->Caller->Sys ID] where incident is an input variable for an incident record.

If multiple records are found Determines what is returned if more than one record matches the defined conditions.
  • Return only the first record
  • Fail the step


Example Look Up Record step in an action.