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Add application-specific content to Flow Designer by installing spokes.

A spoke is a scoped application containing Flow Designer content dedicated to a particular application or record type. For example, the ITSM Spoke contains actions for managing Task records such as the Create Task action. Spokes are activated when their parent application is activated. For example, the ITSM Spoke is activated when the Incident, Problem, and Change applications are activated. Creating a spoke requires familiarity with application development as developers must add Flow Designer content to a scoped application.

Table 1. Default spokes available
Spoke Description Plugin Included with
Benchmarks Spoke Provides read-only actions for the read-only Benchmark Recommendation Evaluator flow. [com.sn_bm_client.spoke] Benchmarks application.
Connect spoke Provides actions to automate the creation of conversations, to add users to a conversation, and to send messages to a conversation. These actions work with Connect API version 3 and later. [com.glide.connect_v3plus.core.ah] Now Platform
Customer Service Spoke Provides actions for flow designers to use when creating Customer Service Management business processes. [com.snc.customer_service.spoke] Customer Service Management application
Field Service Spoke Provides actions for flow designers to use when creating Field Service Management business processes. [com.snc.field_service.spoke] Field Service Management application
ITSM spoke Provides flow and actions associated with ITSM. Requires the ITSM application suite. [com.snc.itsm.spoke] IT Service Management application
Security Operations spoke Provides Security Operations actions for flow designers to manage Security Incident Response flow templates. [com.snc.secops.spoke] Security Operations application
Visual Task Board (VTB) Spoke Provides VTB actions for flow designers to manage the boards, lanes, cards, board members, and assignees. [com.glide.ui.vtb.ah] Now Platform

Additional spokes are available with an IntegrationHub subscription. To see a list of IntegrationHub spokes, see IntegrationHub available spokes. For more information about requesting an IntegrationHub subscription, see Request IntegrationHub.