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Calculate the order-preserving and tokenization database size

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Calculate the order-preserving and tokenization database size

If using order-preserving encryption or encryption patterns, determine the size of your MySQL database by multiplying the number of potential records by record size.

About this task

Use a dedicated machine to run the order-preserving and tokenization database. Do not run the database on the same hardware as the proxy server.


  1. Determine the potential number of records that could include fields encrypted with order-preserving encryption.
    1. Multiply the number of encryption configurations using order-preserving encryption by the number of records each configuration is applied to.
    2. To allow for growth, multiply the result by three.
  2. Multiply the result of step 1 by 1,536.
    1,536 is the average size of a record in bytes.
  3. If using encryption patterns, perform steps 1–2 for tokenized records and add the result to the total.


The calculated value is the recommended size in bytes for your order-preserving and tokenization database.