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Create a site

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Create a site

Configure a site by either creating a new site with CMS or by editing a copy of either the ESS Portal or the Service Management Portal.

Before you begin

Role required: content_admin or admin

About this task

If you are creating a catalog site in CMS, follow the steps in Manage catalog sites in Service Catalog


  1. Navigate to Content Management > Sites.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Since you have not yet created pages, you cannot select the Home, Search, Login, and Gauge target pages. Add them to the site record after you create them.
    Table 1. Site fields
    Field Description
    Name A unique name for the site.
    URL suffix The URL suffix that identifies the site. The URL suffix is case-sensitive, the suffix you enter impacts the CMS site URL used to launch the site. It is incorporated into the URL as follows:

    http://<instance name>

    Note: Do not use portal and cms in the URL suffix. They are reserved terms and return a Page not found if you use them.
    Home page The page to display when the user does not specify a page name in their URL:

    http://<instance name>

    Search page The page that displays search results when a user searches from any page within the site.
    Login page The page to use for logging in to the site. If specified, users must log in to access the pages on the site. If left blank, no login is required to access the pages within the site.
    Gauge target page The page that displays gauge content. When the user clicks a gauge on the new site, the gauge target page opens to show the gauge content. The gauge target page replaces the CMS page in the current tab.
    Title A title for the site. The title can be the same as or different from the Name.
    Description A full description of the site.
    Default layout The layout for pages to use by default. Any page in the site that has a blank Layout field uses the layout selected in this field.
    Default theme The theme for pages to use by default. Any page in the site that has a blank Theme field uses the theme selected in this field.
    Simple catalog display Selecting this option simplifies catalog pages in the site by hiding the search bar, breadcrumbs, and the results per page choice list. It also prevents you from adding attachments from record producers to your CMS site.
    Use external cart Option to omit the default cart when rendering catalog pages within a site that contains catalog pages. Provide a catalog cart block somewhere on the site to allow users to make catalog requests.
    Note: If you use an external cart, the no cart check box on a service catalog item has no effect. The external cart appears for all items.
  4. Click Submit.


The following is the site record for the ESS Portal:
ESS Portal site record