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Configure DIV-based layouts

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Configure DIV-based layouts

After you create your site, you can change the site layout with DIV tags.

Before you begin

Role required: content_admin or admin

About this task

Many web page layouts use tables for a consistent look and feel. Tables are effective for numbers and statistics, but can be limiting for designing other types of information. DIV tags are flexible block-element tags. To use DIV tags for layouts, give the tag an ID and assign attributes using CSS.

Changing to CSS and DIV tags help in the following ways:
  • simplify code
  • reduce the amount of code
  • increase page load speed
  • separate content from presentation
  • help pages adapt to different device resolutions
  • make pages easier for search engines to crawl
  • make code more compliant with evolving web page design standards

A theme named Administration Theme - Charcoal is included as an example of
 CSS-driven, DIV-based layouts. To view the Administration Theme - Charcoal DIV-based layout, complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate to Content Management > Design > Layouts.
  2. Click Admin 1 Column
  3. Review the code.